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Cozmanova is committed to making the maximum use of identity on the internet.
Innovation is happening fast, and Cozmanova is on top of how identity is changing shape of the future internet. Doing the identity-thing right can make a big difference and doesn't have to be difficult. We work hard to make sure that what you're doing is the right thing!
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Kennisnet migrates to Asimba

Zwolle, April 16th – Kennisnet made the switch to Asimba as platform for authentication and authorization for the Entree webportal that connects schools and suppliers. Open Source specialist Cozmanova has realized the successfull migration.

Beyond the password

The year 2013 has been marked as the year in which the password will make its start to disappear. The big internet players are making up their mind and are introducing multifactor authentication methods. Lead by Google, others are following quickly. The second factor is very often implemented through an SMS service.

Asimba Releases 1.1.0

Today, Asimba version 1.1.0 was released. It is a major maintenance release, that is recommended to all current Asimba users. The 1.1.0 release includes small fixes to existing code, more legacy OpenASelect components (especially RemoteSAML authentication and JDBC support for configuration) as well as new code and features.

Partner with TwoBo Technologies


We are not alone in access and identity, and we know that to maximize the reach of what we do, it is essential to work together and get the right partners to do this with. As such, we are delighted to announce that we have officially created a partnership between Cozmanova and TwoBo Technologies

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